Friday, October 23, 2009

LDG DTS-4 Commands

Page 9 of the LDG DTS-4 documentation states

"Under PC control, the PC program you write would take the place of the remote (DTS-4R).  Simply open the port, send the appropriate two-byte command, receive and process the two-byte reply as desired.  Note there is no space between the letter prefix (M or R) and the code.

"Example: to select antenna 1, your program would send the characters "R2" to the switch via the serial connection."

Unfortunately this is not exactly right.

The command stream is two-bytes long.  The first byte is an ASCII "R" which has a hex value of 52.  The second byte is sent not as an ASCII "2" (hex 32).  The second byte to select antenna 1 would be a hex 02.  This makes the two-byte command hex 52 02 not hex 52 32 as given in the documentation.

The following command table will work:

Antenna     Two-Byte Command
      1                   hex 52 02
      2                   hex 52 03
      3                   hex 52 04
      4                   hex 52 05

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