Wednesday, February 5, 2020

How to Connect RCForb and N1MM

How to Connect RcForb, N1MM and a Remote K3*

  • Start with the K3.  In the K3 Config Menu, set PTT-KEY to OFF-DTR.  Be sure to save the change.
  • In the RcForb Server under Options->Radio Config->PPT & CW Keying, enable "External CW" and select the same COMx port as used for the local K3, and select DTR.  In the example shown below, the RcForb server connects to the K3 via COM9.

  • Save and restart the RcForb server.
  • In the remote RcForb Client, under Virtual Devices, select an unused COMx port, in this example COM5, and set the slider to ON.  Restart RcForb Client to create the COMx port.

  • In N1MM, go to Config and under Port enter the COMx port you created in the RcForb Client.  Check CW/Other.  Click on Set.
  • In the pulldown set DTR to CW and RST to Always Off.
  • Disable all 4 items regarding PTT options.  That's it.  Okay out of all the dialog boxes.

  • When you use N1MM with RcForb, always start the RcForb Client first.  The RcForb Client creates the virtual COMx port use by N1MM.  RcForb creates this port every time it starts and removes it when you close the RcForb Client.  It is NOT persistent.
  • When using CW on the K3 be sure VOX is on.
  • Good DX and Contesting!

*A very special thank you to Roger, W8JR, at RemoteHams.   This post would NOT have been possible without his help.  Thank you Roger. 

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