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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Du-Ha Tote Failed Handle

I recently purchased a Du-Ha Tote.  The tote is a very clever box that easily fits in the back seat of the Toyota Tacoma Extra Cab.  It is large enough to hold a wide array of tools and equipment.  Its top tray makes access to larger items in the bottom much easier than a simple box.  

One of the great selling points is its portability.  Notice the carrying handle on the end.  One small problem, the handle and fasteners are all made of plastic.

Yesterday I needed to put the back seats down to carry passengers. As I slide the Tote out and lifted it to put it on the ground, one of the handles snapped off--breaking on both sides.

I'm confident the company will stand behind the product and send me new handles.  Hopefully they may have upgraded the plastic retainer with more substantial metal.  I'll keep you posted.

Otherwise, I really like the Tote.