Monday, September 13, 2010

Yeah right!

Since as long as I can remember, I've been a "glass half full" kind of guy--until I bought an iMac and iPhone. Truth be told, both are better know as iPatch. You think Windows has gone through a lot of releases...iPhone patches bugs as often as they hit my windshield!

This most recent one holds a LOT of promise.  Patch 4.0 was supposed to make the iPhone 4 better...a case of trying to fix the vapor ware and even give the 3G some of the missing functionality that Palm had when it was released 10 something years ago.  Well, you can guess that most of that new functionality came at a price--the new functions along with eveything else were unbearably slow!  Apple's answer, like their answer to the clever iPhone 4 antenna was ... you're on your own dude. 

After enough bad press here comes the fix.  We'll see...but don't hold your breath.  Then again, if you hold your breath just right...MAY BE the phone will run faster!  Now, there's a thought!

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