Saturday, February 12, 2011

Portable Rotatable Dipole

1. Attach (screw in to the opposing connectors) two hamsticks (choose your band).
This would be the connectors at the upper left and lower right.
2. Connect your coax to the connector on the bottom left.
3. Clamp the fixture to a solid 20' long 1" fiberglass pole.
4. Strap the pole to the corner post of your deck or other secure vertical structure.
A rotor would be a nice twist (no pun intended).

The mount opposing the coax connector is insulated from the fixture itself.
The fixture is common only to the antenna connector shown at the top left.

Would this antenna perform better when pointed to the west than working off
the end of an east-west oriented 1/2 wave dipole?


John Krupsky said...

Need more info about the Hamstick elements that would be used with this adapter. The wire dipole can be modeled easily.

Anonymous said...

This dipole is the exact thing that I have been looking to change from the machine that I am operating. I am sure that it has been made from the quality material which has been my requirement.