Saturday, January 24, 2009

Installing the new 750GB drive in W4UOA

When main computer in the shack came online, affordable drives were relatively small--75GB was considered large. Over time, this meant I added more drives to accomodate software and data. With the rapid decline in drive prices over the past few years, a 750GB drive became a reasonable option. Fortunately, the older Intel D865GBF mother board also had two SATA ports to support the higher transfer rates. The first picture shows the new drive's blue SATA data cable.

With the drive connected, this shot shows the new drive being cloned from the older boot drive--a drive with less than a 1/10 the storage capacity of the new WD7500.

After testing the cloaned drive and copying data and software off of two small drives, I installed the new boot drive and removed two of the smaller drives. The system now includes 3 drives--boot/data/software, backup, and Ubuntu Linux--down from 5 smaller drives!

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