Friday, January 16, 2009


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IC-7600 100w HF/6 all mode transceiver
. Powered by a 4 pin DC 13.8v similar to IC 7000; 3 Roofing filters; and Icom Dual Watch.

IC-7600 Dual Watch
, is a receiver configuration in which the incoming RF bandwidth is presented via a power divider to two 1st mixers, each with its own LO. The IF outputs of these mixers are combined and demodulated, yielding a composite baseband (audio) channel. Dual Watch allows simultaneous monitoring in real time of two frequencies in the same or adjacent bands, and in the same mode. It is also fully functional in conjunction with split operation.

IC-7600 Spectrum Scope features similar to IC-7700; RTTY and PSK 31 RX & TX built in; APF/TBF (Twin Bandpass filter for Digital); Variable TX Bandwidth; TX/RX Audio Controls; USB port for Memory stick or Keyboard; USB port for Rig control and audio baseband impu/output; 4 pin DC 13.8v similar to IC 7000.

The Icom IC7600 will be available in the U.S. market later this year.

Pictures from AB4OJ

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