Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I thought you might enjoy seeing the new IC-7800 close-up. Click on the image for large, hi-res image.

The following came from eHam:

I bought this radio over the summer and after about 2 weeks of operating, the finals blew (while running about 60W out into my Acom amp.) Apparently, this is a fairly common problem, discussed regularly on the 7800 email list. I know of 2 other radios that blew their finals the same day as mine! Rumor has it that Icom had a bad batch of transistors, though the official word is they still are trying to figure it out.

I sent the radio back to Icom (via UPS ground, for about $200) and got it back about 3 weeks later. So far, so good.

Any radio can have a problem, so why did I give it a 2? Besides the quality control problem, a 10K radio should be near perfection. This isn't. Operationally, weak signals on the noisy lowbands are easier to copy with my FT-1000D. The APF is significantly better on the Yaesu. The 7800's DSP doesn't help. Ergonomically, I find the AF gain knob uncomfortably close to the Mic jack. Also, the M=S button (to set VFO B equal to VFO A) is too close to the main tuning knob and it's tough to press it without changing frequencies. In case you're wondering, I don't have fat, clumsy fingers - I'm an eye surgeon.

Regarding service, I feel Icom should have paid for shipping, given the frequency of this problem with the 7800. They shouldn't sell a Lexus and provide Ford Escort service! If the Elecraft K3 lives up to its hype, I'll probably sell this radio and get the K3.

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