Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Fiber to the House

The bottom black box is the fiber drop to the house.

Close up of the tap.  Note it appears to be made by Corning.

Drop safe inside of cover.

Drop goes into buried conduit.  In anticipation of buried services, we layed 
conduit for power, phone, and Internet.  Layed with pull string of course,
utility folks were well pleased with the easy with which they were able
to install their respective services.

Power and Internet on the way to house...

Media converter

Fiber drop is the black cable coming out of the conduit.
Gray line is a ground wire going to power entrance.

Media converter is inside panel.  Note the beige cable with RJ45
connected to jack labeled INET.  Internet now riding on copper. 

Right flex conduct goes connects to gray PVC into house.

Battery backup for media converter.  Located inside of garage with
connection to converter through garage wall.