Wednesday, June 30, 2010

W4ZHR Score Breakdown Field Day 2010

Station      Contacts    Score
80/40 CW          369      738
20/15/10 CW       568    1,136 
All Band Phone    379      379
GOTA               51       51
Free VHF           37       37
Satellite          12       12
Totals          1,416    2,353
X2 power Multiplier          2
Public Place bonus         100
Media Publicity bonus      100
FD bulletin bonus          100
Satellite QSO bonus        100
Web submission bonus        50
Total Score              5,156

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yaesu VL-2000

As seen at Dayton 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Proof of Concept

Jorge give us an excellent idea to allow W4BXI to easily control all of his PCs from one machine.  The idea is to use Remote Desktop over BXI's Intranet.  The above screen shot is a proof of concept demonstration.  The laptop has used Remote Desktop to connect to two computers on the Mentone Cottage Intranet: Mentone-HP and Mentone-Dell.  I connected using their local computer names--I could just as easily connected using there Intranet IP addresses--however the computer names are obviously more meaningful.  Thus you can see at the top of their individual window and in the task bar at the bottom, the names of computers to which I am connected.  To make switching particularly easy, I then resized each of the connection windows to almost fill the screen.  Now I can use the Alt-Tab hot key combination to switch between each computer.  As I move between the windows with Alt-Tab, Windows reports what that window is--telling me if it is Mentone-HP or Mentone-Dell or Desktop (the local computer). is the rub...isn't there always a rub!!!  While I can work with (control) ANY NUMBER of computers in this way--four in John's case--I can ONLY see ONE screen at a time.  As soon as I take control of each machine, that machine's monitor goes back to the login screen.  As a result, I can not see all four displays at one time.  Obviously, if I put 4 video cards in say Dell-Tiger, I could put each window in its own monitor--with all 4 monitors being driven by Dell-Tiger.  I would still have to use Alt-Tab to switch between windows to gain control but I would now see simultaneously what each computer was doing.

The following shot is the pop-up you see when you use the Alt-Tab hot key:

The next screen shot is Mentone-Dell.

I hope this makes sense. Maybe something to talk about Saturday morning. Thanks again Jorge for a great idea. Obviously it works great.