Wednesday, May 25, 2011

KX3 Dayton

The following discussion of the KX3 was harvested from an on-air round-table shortly after Dayton.

The KX3 is definitely a software defined radio with knobs. Wayne/N6KR talks about this at approximately +3.20 into his demo. He also discusses the “roofing filters” at approximately +4.10 into his demo. Since the KX3 is indeed a ‘true SDR’ (i.e., direct-conversion receiver using Quadrature Sampling Detector to derive I and Q baseband signals for processing by a DSP chip/firmware), the “roofing filters’ option (as I understand it) will be baseband (audio-frequency) filters. Also note that the I and Q signals are being made available for processing externally by a computer sound card if one wanted to do that. A serial interface (lower power requirement than USB) will also be available for computer control (if desired). But a computer is definitely not required for the KX3 to fully function as a stand-alone radio. More here.

A couple of additional links you might find interesting are: (more detailed ‘specs’ than even Elecraft’s preliminary brochure) (mentions “availability towards end of 2011”)

It seems that about the only thing we don’t know now is the price… that and who amongst us is going to order one first.

K3 Spec Sheet