Friday, August 22, 2008

HF via Echolink

Several of us have been working to setup an Echolink server to facilitate an early morning HF round-table when 75m propagation is not particularly good for all stations. The following screen shots show the current state of affairs. You can click on each image to seen a full size rendering.

The above screen shot shows the microKeyer audio routing necessary for COM port or Winkey PPT. Note that this configuration is called a "C" type of routing.

The following screen shot shows the required port configuration. Note that the PTT port is set to COM4. We'll see that COM4 setting again when we look at a the Echolink PTT setup.

See the Echolink Preferences-Connections-Push-to-Talk Settings below. Note the Serial Port COM4 selection.

Echolink inbound audio (RXCtrl) is set to VOX as shown below.

Echolink out-bound (TX-Ctrl) is also set to COM4 as shown below.

And lastly, Echolink must be told where to find the in-bound (Rcv) and out-bound (TX) audio. In this case, the sound card as shown below.

Configuring this particular installation was complicated by the the interface (microKeyer) choices audio routing and possibilities and transmitter keying, coupled with a number of different parameter choices in Echolink.

I'm not sure we are yet properly configured but I think we are closer.

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