Monday, August 25, 2008

VoIP HF Bridge

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This is a pictorial representation of a recently tested Skype-based amateur radio HF VoIP bridge station. Working with well developed and tested component elements: Skype and a radio computer interface were linked to provide a HF VoIP bridge--somewhat similar to Echolink. Recent tests found that given sufficient Internet bandwidth, and a relatively robust computer to serve as the conference hub, Skype can provide exceptional audio between all participating stations.

In the most recent trials, the HF tranceiver was set for VOX operation thus allowing conference participants to easily key the transceiver. This easy access does require some discipline to minimize doubling on the part of conference and on-air participants.

On-air participants reported excellent audio quality and no objectionable latency. Obviously the readability of the on-air signal will depend on the power of the HF bridge station and propagation conditions between on-air participants and the HF bridge station.

A special thanks to WA5MLF and W4BXI for many suggestions and encouragement.

June 18, 2010

ARRL just released their first Remote Operating for Amateur Radio.  I was impressed by their first figure!  See below.

Well, gosh.  I guess that's just about the only way you could draw it!  I'm just glad they are promoting a great idea.  Hats off to TRX-Manager, HRD, and a host of other innovative programmers who have made it all possible!

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