Saturday, May 1, 2010

KB4XX at Praire Creek Camp Site

So what are the structures across the river to the East?

This mornings rig control with Phil in the background.

Phil's China portable site!

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Looking at this more carefully, I am thinking Phil's camp site is indicated by the Green arrow. What say Phil?

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kb4xx said...

QSL the green arrow... actually a bit south of it... site 44 is closer to the 'middle' loop than to upper (smallest) loop.

What that is across the Alabama River remains a mystery. (I asked a couple of folks at the camprougnd gate, but no one knew.) BTW, Bing maps provides a better aerial view... you can zoom down to as close as 50 foot level (wow!)... but I still can't tell what it is. Whatever it is, it's a small 'finger' of Autauga County (not Dallas as I had mistakenly thought).

And, you're right... all you see across the river from the campground is trees.