Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Using Virtual COM Ports

This posts shows two applications, NaP3 and HRD, simultaneously communicating with the FTdx3000.  The FTdx3000 "talks" through COM4 which is shared (split) with COM6 and COM7.  This sharing is bi-directional.

The sharing is done by first linking COM4 to a local TCP port (1000).  Then, two additional virtual COM ports are created, COM6 and COM7, which both send and receive from the TCP port (1000).

The three dialog boxes below show the setup of how to split a COM port using a common TCP port.  The left hand dialog box links COM4 with TCP port 1000 on the computer located at LAN network address The two dialog boxes on the right then create two virtual ports which link to this TCP port.

Look closely at the top right dialog box. On the left side of this box is the information setup to establish a virtual COM6. The right side of this dialog box establish the link to TCP address port 1000.

TCP/COM is very easy to configure and provides excellent bidirectional communications between your radio, or any serial device, and multiple applications.  TCP/COM is a product of Taltech.

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