Saturday, July 15, 2017

HF Equipment for Carlton/Dekalb club

July 15, 2017

Please give me a couple days notice and this stuff is ready for pick up!

This is intended as my Donation to the Dekalb Club with you as the receiving custodian.
(To the side is the approx dollar amount for my tax deduction purposes.)

Available to Carlton with two days notice: Tax Deduction
Icom 781 Transceiver (heavy...46 lbs.) $500
(Carlton - please be sure I give you manuals for all this equipment)
Matching Icom Speaker   75
Icom Computer Interface CIV   50
Magnavox TV for extending the IC781 screen   10
Heil Mike BM-10 100
Mike stand    20
G5RV    new     75
G5RVdouble new           80
40 80 m trap dipole Alpha Delta   50
40 60 80 fan dipole with balun   10
MFJ SWR Analyzer   25
Palomar Antenna Tuner Tuner   75
Palomar Noise Bridge   50
Palomar Power/SWR meter   75
Heathkit Dummy load (1500 watt) with oil  100
Key, Bencher Straight  150
WARC key by K4TWJ, serial # 333     10
Antenna Tuner DST    25
Coax 60 feet    15
Coax seal     00
PC XP home edition     10
Keyboard & mouse     10
CRT Monitor      10
Certificates       0
QSL cards  in wall display hangers        0
ARRL Handbook     25
other stuff, I don't remember

B&W FD Antenna; need help getting it down
Center Insulators by W4CTK, AB4QL
Other wire antennas now in the air
Wireman ladder line spark plug arrestor
Array Solutions AS-309H arrestor
several used antenna tuners,
Ameritron, Remote Coax Switch
several B&W coax switches
Alpha Delta coax switch
Desk, steel
connectors, adaptors
cheap speakers
coax jumpers
other stuff

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