Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Antenna System Revisited

Antenna maintenance on the mountain is almost a full-time job.  High winds twist wire and lanyards and support limbs break and grow into the rope.  Time has, however, confirmed for me an approach that works day to day and can be readily maintained.  The basic idea is shown below.

The Antenna Lanyard is threaded through the spring link.  The spring link is securely tied to messenger.  This allows you to lower the end of the antenna to the ground level for maintenance as required.  You can find these spring links listed by a number of names: spring link; spring snap; or carabiner.  They came in a variety of sizes from 1/8" up.  I use 1/4" stainless steel for this purpose.  In my experience the antenna lanyard slides smoothly through the link allowing for movement as the trees sway in the wind.  Some people find it best to put a weight, large spring, or elastic strap at the end of the lanyard, to allow more play in the lanyard.  I do not do this.  We are at 1,700' on the top of Lookout Mountain; we experience high winds on a regular basis.  This system has worked well for me.

I use the same approach to support the center feed point.  I feed all my antennas with balanced line.  I either fabricate my own or use WA1FFL's Ladder-Loc to suspend the center feed point.

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