Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's not your father's company!

Many calls to AT&T and many direct hits later, phone and U-verse service continues to flow through! Amazing!

Probably the most amazing thinking is the number of times the AT&T U-verse tech walked by this mess and said...

"Somebody should take care of this!"

In English.... "Ain't my job!"

Got to "repair center" and got a "ticket number." Tech should be here before Thursday, Dec 8th. Exciting!

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Tim said...

ATT does not train their people to handle ALL jobs. It appears that
the Tech who visited was a Service
Tech and had no training or desire to perform the simple tasks needed to
correct this problem. This is typical ATT behavior. They will need to send a Facility Tech to correct the problem and hope that this Tech received the proper training to do the job.