Friday, February 12, 2010

Remote Rig from March Issue of QST

Well...this is a very interesting idea--but not cheap!

It does appear you need two (2) of their devices at $400+ each. You take the control head off the IC-706MKIIG and connect it and a key to make your "portable station." Back at the base (remote) station you cable the base unit to the second device. The two devices then talk to each other via the internet. Unless I'm missing something, which I'm sure I am, you now have $800 in "remoting equipment" BUT you don't need computers at each end. At the portable station, you just use the remote head just as you would if you were in front of the rig.

No latency? Interesting idea that you could traverse how many nodes across the internet with no latency? I think Einstein said that "an event" can't occur simultaneously in two locations. Could be they have discovered something quite exciting?


John Krupsky said...

From what I read on their web site, they claim to not add latency to what's already contributed by the Internet link, which they say will rarely be a noticeable problem. I think it would be more accurate for them to say they don't add significant latency to the overall path. Their use of SIP and RTP should enable peer-to-peer connections between their units, avoiding the latencies introduced by intervening servers, such as used by some popular VoIP services.

Richard Hayman said...

I don't know how they do it, but I can't detect any difference from operating locally and remote after just a few hours of operating time. Two of these units is a lot cheaper than running two computers with SW at each end. Can anyone tell me how to hook it up to my laptop using my PDA at the broadband modem?

Richard Hayman said...

You got the price wrong. I paid $484.00 including shipping for the pair.

73. Dick, WN3R

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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