Friday, January 25, 2013

W4BXI Napkin Patch

Old Normal Oprn.
Config = Heil mike in front; and Heil headset.
Steps to transfer to SCC Skype Conf Cont ( 2 PC config )
1-push Monitor off
2-remove Heil mike
3-connect PC rig rear
4-put on logitech
5-call the caller
6-set levels
New alternative Normal
Config "Logitech into SCC Skype Conf Cont (2PC)";
talk via skype link all the time.
Steps to Patch:
1-Call the caller (levels are always ok)
NEW ISSUEs = (latency).
Can't hear Icom receiver.
Another alternative:
Config: "One PC, 2 mikes, 2 external mixers".
Steps to Patch:
1-Call the Caller. (levels are always ok)
New Issue 2 mikes require 9 volt batteries.(that can go bad)-

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