Saturday, November 2, 2013

Water Proofing

A very interesting process. First the wall is scrapped free of
concrete chips; then the tie ends that have been broken off are
"painted" with sealant; then the wall is sprayed with black seal; and
finall the wall is wrapped. The wrap is a plaster material with small
nipples the stand the wrap away from the wall. The outside of the
wrap is a fiber material. Water that finds its way to the wrap is
channled down to a skirt that has horizontal channels that carry the
water to a corner of the foundation that will drain the water away
from the house. These corners with the drains attached can be seen
the last two foundation slides. The last slide shows the North crawl
space footings and the north end of the poured basement.

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Tim said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and keeping us up to date on the progress of Boxwood.
73- Tim