Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sequence to Boot the Mountain

Remote and base station computer are never turned off.  To operate each morning :
  • On remote computer (where the operator is sitting)
    • start Teamviewer to enable connection to base station (where the radio is located)
    • start Skype.Remote to create audio path to the radio
  • Using Teamviewer on remote computer
    • connect to base station computer
    • start Skype.Primary on base station
  • From the remote computer, call Skype.Primary from Skype.Remote
  • Control program FT2K will power-on all equipment at the base station
    • FT-2000
    • DTS-4 antenna switch
    • LDG Antenna Tuner
  • If I'm going to use HRD or other control program
    • Power base station equipment using
      • Browser interface to IP switch
      • Stand-along power switch program
  • Start the control program
    • FT2K
    • HRD
    • FT-2000RC
    • TRX-Manager
  • On the Air!  Wasn't that easy!!

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