Sunday, November 22, 2015

Exterior enclosure--probable solution

Thanks to Phil (PRE) for the outstanding enclosure.  It will easily accommodate 4 Balkans (baluns--what does spell check know!) and their corresponding polygamists (polyphasers--I mean really spell check--take a break).  The door has a rubber seal bolts tightly shut. The box is made from 1/8" material and will easily resist mountain weather and critters.  Welded pre-drilled mounting tabs will allow easy attachment to a steel or wooden post, or even bolting to the rock retaining wall.

Most importantly, Jack solved the balanced line routing problem recommending porcelain feedthrough standoff insulators--a pair of course for each balanced line coming into the enclosure.  The depth of the enclosure will easily accommodate two such feedthrough insulators side by side.

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John Krupsky said...

That is a very nice enclosure!