Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Landscape Planning

 Looking West long the South border of the property

Looking West near the N/S center of the property

Looking West near the North border of the property

Looking West up the driveway into the property

Looking West continuing up the driveway

Approach to the circle.  Flow is counter-clockwise.  Take the right
hand drive up to the parking area or to the garage.

Looking up to the house.  See the large rock wall.  This forms
the parking pad for visitors.

Parking pad is to your left.  Turn to the left to park.  Continue on
the right drive to the garage.

Large pile of top soil on the right will be used to grade the area
immediately in front of the house

Walk will lead from the parking pad up to the front porch

Standing on the front porch looking East.  Parking pad is the light
area on the right side of the picture.  See the edge of the garage on
the left.

Standing at the beginning of the return loop.  Parking pad is to the
left front.  Return loop goes to the right and back down the drive.

Standing near the front edge of the parking pad.  Return loop comes in from the right.  Drive in comes up on the left side of the picture.

Standing at the South end of the return loop.  See the house in the 
upper left in the distance.  

Standing on the North boundary. Drive comes in from left to right.  
See house top right (West).  Drive enters on the East.

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