Thursday, October 30, 2014

UHF - VHF Antenna Location

How much signal loss well I experience looking through roof decking and one layer of shingles?  I'm looking west north west towards Huntsville.  The antenna would be mounted on the opposite side of the stud wall, looking toward the roof.


kb4xx said...
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kb4xx said...

My $0.02: I assume those ventilation baffles are NOT metal (probably foam or plastic?)... if so, attentuation should be negligible.

Chattanooga is closer than Huntsville ( but note that 3 of the main channels are VHF (affects the type of antenna you would use).

If I were fortunate enough to be walking in your mocassins, I would use a real UHF antenna like this ( pointed towards Huntsville (all UHF channels).

I also use a good UHF/VHF combo antenna antenna (like this

I'd use a preamp on both antennas, a signal combiner and low-loss RF-6 coax from there.

I'd also use on of these puppies ( for AM/FM.

Just thinking about this... and your location... makes me droll...